• SRC, which is short for Starrainbow Company, was founded in Taiwan back in 1993. It first started out as a wholesaling company focusing on supplying the domestic toy market. SRC distributed many popular brands from all over the world including scale models. SRC developed by that a very strong position in the market. Because of the ever growing interest in Airsoft throughout the globe, SRC decided to start selling imported Airsoft Guns. In the same time plans of starting in house manufacturing of Airsoft guns. The step from being a sales company to becoming a producing company is a major leap that involves huge investments. But the aim was clear, to become one of the world’s best Airsoft producers.

  • The first products made were modification kits and accessories for existing Airsoft brands. The development of an Airsoft replica is a very resource challenging task. The design takes hundreds of hours,and then to make the molds is even more complicated. Then to have the final product there is even more stages to go thru. Today SRC invests lots and lots of time to develop new and improved products. Every single product that is assembled goes thru a rigorous quality test before the product is packed and shipped some of them are chrono graphing , adjusting hopup, and testing rate of fire.

  • SRC uses tones of BB’s every year just to verify the quality of their products. Every single product is assembled by hand.
    SRC also holds all products produced on stock which ensures first class logistics. The new Generation III of SRC Airsoft guns are aimed to be one of the best and finest lines of Airsoft guns in the world. Generation III includes most of the features and parts that Airsoft Players spend lots of money on in aftermarket parts right out of the box. Welcome to the exiting new world of SRC Airsoft Guns.